Hugo Lambrechts Music Development Programme

 The Hugo Lambrechts Music Development Programme was established in 2006 to grant learners from schools in marginalised communities the opportunity to study music during school time. Funded by the Hugo Lambrechts Music Trust, learners in this programme receive tuition and musical instruments on loan at virtually no cost.

Although partnership schools vary from time-to-time Silversands (Delft), Kalksteenfontein (Kalksteenfontein), Matroosbergweg (Belhar), Riebeeckstraat (Belhar) and Pinedene (Ravensmead) Primary Schools are the backbone of this programme.

Beginners are introduced to the instruments of the orchestra and their basic practical musicianship skills are developed. They learn to play a musical instrument, study Music Theory, and participate in ensembles and orchestras. To monitor progress, learners complete bi-annual assessments, and advanced pupils are enrolled for accredited practical and theory music exams offered by the Directorate Music of Unisa.

Once the primary school learners progress to high school, they are encouraged to continue with Music as a school subject at FET level, and they become fully-fledged music centre pupils who receive financial support via the governing body of the Music Centre. Belhar High School, with which the Music Centre also has a partnership, is recommended as the high school of choice. 

The partnership with Belhar High School was started in June 2021. Learners receive practical tuition at the Music Centre and at their school through an itinerant teaching programme, and they participate in the mainstream orchestras and ensembles at the Music Centre. More recently, Eben Dönges High School, the Athlone School for the Blind, and Tygerberg Hospital School joined hands with the Hugo Lambrechts Music Centre.

The unique relationship that develops between each music teacher and their pupils contributes significantly to the overall emotional well-being of all these learners.

The Hugo Lambrechts Music Development Programme provides a safe haven and relief from an environment stricken by poverty and gang-related violence. Exposure to music education advances the reading and arithmetic skills of these participants. Through regular concert performances and attendance, they learn the importance of stage demeanour and concert etiquette. The self-discipline instilled through daily practice sessions develops their focus, self-awareness, and self-esteem, and teaches them that hard work and responsibility are critical for achieving excellence. Thus, they are effectively equipped with essential twenty first century workplace skills such as creativity, critical thinking, communication, and collaboration, which serve them well as they enter adulthood.


The following partnership schools are participating in the Hugo Lambrechts Music Development Programme:

Pinedene Primary School


Kalksteenfontein Primary School


Matroosbergweg Primary School

Elsies River

Silversands Primary School


Riebeeckstraat Primary School


Belhar High School


Eben Dönges High School


Athlone School for the Blind


Tygerberg Hospital School

Parow Valley

 A number of learners from the development programme have featured prominently in music competitions, external examinations, and eisteddfodau over the years, and some have succesfully furthered their musical careers at tertiary institutions including the Universities of Cape Town, Stellenbosch, and the North West.